Inside Out Health & Happiness Retreat

Slow down – Connect – Feel – Trust – Move forward

9 – 15 May 2023 | Sicily | Italy

The power of progress is the ability to stand still on a regular basis.

Reflect on your well-being, your happiness, your health. The steps you take now, do those steps lead you to what you really want most deep down? The Inside Out Health & Happiness retreat offers you an opportunity for reflection. A week in which you slow down so it becomes quieter and your feelings are given more space to speak. A feeling that you can listen to and rely on. Your feelings that answer the questions you have and that help you to move forward again.


Always wanted to go on a retreat but something is holding you back? Doubts like, is this something for me? Do I fit in with this group? Does the program fit who I am? Isn’t it going to be too businesslike or not too vague? Recognizable?

For me it is! I often feel I want to go on retreat and recognize this uncertainty and questions. I love to reflect on who I am and what I want to do the most. And for me, at such a moment, it can also go beyond just the head and the ratio. But it doesn’t have to be so elusive  that I already have nerves in advance about sessions that take me completely out of my comfort zone. Recognizable? Then read on, because this retreat might really be something for you!

The Health & Happiness Retreat is for entreprenurial women who are looking for the balance between reflection and action.

During the retreat you will be invited to formulate a question that you want an answer to or an intention that you want to be fulfilled. We will work on this from different angles. Always from softness and kindness to yourself and focused on further expanding your talents and qualities.

During the retreat you experience that the combination of both stilling and moving helps you to get clearer what your direction is. A combination of knowing and feeling. A combination of rest and action. A combination of working on yourself and relaxing.

During the retreat you will meet women who, just like you, want to be full of life and want to get the best out of themselves with attention and energy. Women who occasionally doubt themselves; are guided by the hectics of the day or by what others expect of them.

Together we go back to the wisdom and kindness that is present in yourself. Together we will enjoy, have fun, laugh, cry, grow and develop and also enjoy Italian life. Will you join us?

September 2018 I was in Sicily for the first time at ‘The Lemon Tree’. From the moment of arrival I felt at home here. The warm welcome of Karen and Diego, the beautiful view when the sun rises in the morning, the yoga gazebo in the garden, all elements that contribute to the feeling of being at home. But what keeps bringing me back to this place is the beautiful energy of the mountain. At ‘Matrissa’ I feel that I can be who I am and that makes this the place for me to organize a retreat.

The Lemon Tree – Castelmola

We stay in the beautiful villa ‘The Lemon tree’ where we are warmly welcomed by owners Karen and Diego. The villa is located on the beautiful mountain “Mastrissa” and has all the facilities to make our stay as pleasant as possible.


As part of the retreat you will receive:
  • Introductory lunch on Wednesday 19 April 2023
  • Yoga practices
  • Meditation and visualization
  • Breath work
  • Cacao & Fireplace ceremonies
  • Hike sessions
  • Inspiration sessions – healthy lifestyle
  • One 1 on 1 coach session

You will get acquinted with:

  • Healthy food
  • Sober movement
  • Cold training (no ice baths)
  • Intermittent fasting

You will learn more about:

  • Hormone balance
  • Stages of the woman’s life
  • The influence of your lifstyle on your health & happiness

And most importantly, you’re going to:

  • Enjoy
  • Slow down
  • Reflect
  • Go forward

A week in which we reflect on:


  • Meaning in life
  • Professional growth
  • Mindset
  • Life energy
  • Personal leadership


  • Nutrition
  • Movement and training
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Stress and stress reduction
  • Your hormone balance

“Allow yourself the investment in yourself”

Practical information


investment 2.299,– **

Included in the price***:

  • Overnight stays
  • Food and drinks on retreat location
  • All mentioned sessions

* After registration you will receive an invoice of 50% of the costs. The remaining 50% will be invoiced 4 weeks before departure.

** For private participants the price includes VAT. In case of invoicing on your business /company, the price is excl. VAT.

**not included in the price: flights, rental car or train ticket, insurance (travel and cancellation). Trips and/or meals/drinks outside the venue.

Travel information*:

  • Arrival: Tuesday 9th of May
    Transavia A’dam – Catania 17:50 – 20:40
  • Departure: Monday 15th of May
    Transavia Catania – A’dam  22:05 – 01:15

Transfer from airport to location is on your own, however we will align with each other how to shape this.

* Booking flights and transfer is at your own expense and responsibility.

Residence information:

  • The villa has 8 apartments
  • Each apartment has at least 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom
  • So you always have your own bedroom, but you do share an apartment
  • Guarantee of a 1-person apartment can be paid at a surcharge of EUR 250,– (4 available, full = full)
  • Guarantee of a 2-person apartment with private bathroom can be done at an additional cost of EUR 150,– (2 available, full = full)

Food and drinks:

Meals are prepared and reserved on site. We work with daily fresh products from the local region and allergies and intolerances can be taken into account. Water, coffee and tea are available in your apartment, as well as fresh fruit.


  • The retreat is a combination of organized sessions and free time.
  • You can of course spend your free time on location.
  • And if you want to go out in your spare time, that is of course also completely good. In that case, a car is recommended.

Other information:

  • The group consists of women
  • The group size is up to 10
  • The retreat is confirmed and will take place

“Allow yourself the investment in yourself.”


06 141 24 121


Wist je dat:

  • stress vaak de grootste veroorzaker is van een disbalans in je hormomen
  • iedere dag een half uur wandelen een stressverlagend effect heeft
  • slaapproblemen vaak een afspiegeling zijn van hoe je je overdag gedraagt
  • teveel eetmomenten op een dag er juist voor zorgen dat je heel moe kunt worden
  • te veel, te vaak en te intens sporten je uit balans kan brengen
  • een gezonde leefstijl een grote invloed heeft op de menopauze
  • en dat dit ook geldt voor de midlife crisis bij mannen?